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We are long time motorcycle enthusiasts with a long association with BSA bikes, mainly the A7 and A10 series including RGS, as well as A50 and A65 twin cylinder machines.  The proprietor has been riding BSAs since the early ‘60s when he was a member of the Ware & District Motorcycle Club.  In the ‘60s he used to sprint his BSA twin, riding it to and from NSA events.  In those days, with far fewer vehicles on the road, and before the “temporary” 70 MPH limit, UK roads were quite a bit more enjoyable to use than today. Then also, one could go on a parts pilgrimage to both Armoury Road and Eddie Dow’s in one trip!

Although today there is good availability of parts available to keep post-war generations of BSAs alive and very healthy, based on our experience there are some needed and desirable parts that are either hard to find, unobtainable or capable of improvement, e.g. by use of modern materials.  We decided to set up a small business to meet this need.  Underlying what we do is a wish to provide parts that use today's technologies to make BSAs even better than they were.

In addition to catering for BSAs, we sell some parts that are of value to those who have other makes of classic motorcycles to care for.

To keep down costs, we trade on the Internet, so that we can offer an easy means of ordering parts and give our customers downloadable copies of fitting notes, as well as occasional notes on ways of doing particular jobs etc.

We accept PayPal and direct bank-to-bank funds transfer for payments because they offer fast clearance.  We don’t accept cheques, credit cards or cash because of the overheads they would create on what is at present a small business.

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